We offer various training in the area of finance and accounting.

These include:

  • Finance for Non Finance Managers
  • Finance for Business owners
  • Internal controls
  • Basic Accounting
  • Personal Financial management


Finance for Non-finance Managers

Finpert Consulting aims at impacting your financial decisions and learning how to affect the performance of your unit’s profitability and of your organization at large. Our trainings are tailored and simplified to help you gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts to drive your organization’s growth. Upon completion of this training, you will have gained general financial knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the impact of your decisions outside your functional area. Content of the course includes selected aspects of finance from a non-financial specialist perspective. We have developed some Specific topics which include: financial analysis; planning, forecasting, and budgeting; cash flow, and strategic financing. The beauty of it all is that we are flexible and we can fit in your schedule, so the power of choosing time for the training is left in your hands.

We are qualified and passionate in what we do while we simplify our trainings for your easy understanding. Upon successful completion, you together with your team will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of finance and interpretation of financial information
  2. Apply the concepts of accounting and finance to analyze financials
  3. Learn about key accounting and finance terms
  4. Examine financial statements by using key ratios
  5. Understand the importance of budgeting process
  6. Learn about key components needed to improve profitability


Finance for Business Owners

We have packaged some of the crucial finance knowledge that business owners need to have in order to run their businesses effectively. This spans from taxes, cashflows, profitability amongst other areas.